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1001 Media is a leading Dubai-based social media marketing agency. We provide a whole suite of marketing services designed to help your company succeed, from social media management and advertising to email marketing and more. If you want the greatest service available, you need to contact us right now.


Our company is dedicated to helping companies achieve their social media marketing goals via innovative strategy and expert execution. We care for everything related to your online profile, including posting and responding to comments on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Check out the whole list of marketing services we have.

We are a full-service marketing company that goes beyond social media.

Our social media management services will support your brand’s online existence.

We boost your social media accounts by populating them with engaging material, keeping them active regularly, monitoring user interaction, and expanding your audience.

Customers may become advocates for your brand when they get acquainted with it, see it regularly, and appreciate it.
The material we produce meets these standards.

We emphasize your brand’s narrative while luring the proper social media people to follow you, engage with your content, and eventually become devoted consumers.

Adding to the success of our social media management service, our social media advertising solutions have been shown to boost growth. When our customers choose 1001 Marketing to create their social media advertisements, they get increased performance at reduced expense.

While Facebook advertising is our specialty, we also have experience with Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and other paid social media advertisements.

Many of our customers rely on us for all of their ad needs. This service helps you get the most out of your advertising dollars by reaching a wider audience, sending targeted visitors to your website or landing page, and measuring the results.

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Social Media Management in Dubai

To assist you in saving time and getting better results from your social media efforts, our company offers social media management services.

Some may think, “What can a social media marketing agency do for me?”
If you hire us, you’ll have more free time and a better investment return for very little money.

Improving your return on investment and lowering your cost per acquisition are the keys to a successful social media management strategy or any digital marketing effort. Because of this possibility, we help many companies with their social media marketing.

Targeting choices on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, for example, are rather flexible. You may choose specific Facebook users to advertise to based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors and upload your list of customers or email subscribers to retarget or locate new consumers who are similar to them in a lookalike audience.

Our mission is to aid companies in achieving their goals by implementing efficient social media marketing techniques.

As a full-service digital agency, we provide digital marketing services that can be easily incorporated with your existing social media initiatives for optimum effectiveness. So please don’t wait to find out how we can contribute to the expansion of your company; get in touch with us immediately.